C2131 295mm x 590mm Black porcelain tile

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C2131 295mm x 590mm Black porcelain tile

This Technical Porcelain range is the epitome of full-bodied unglazed porcelain stoneware. This series can be used on both floors and walls and is the ideal solution for high traffic commercial areas subjected to significant physical and chemical stress due to its very high wear rating.

This Technical Porcelain is equally suited for residential architecture where a high quality, high perceived value finish is desired. This series is prestigious collection, perfect for all locations where both sturdiness and aesthetical refinement are needed.

With a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) rating above 36, this Technical Porcelain is suitable for both dry, wet or humid areas and is available in 3 different size options to meet the emerging trend for larger format tiles.

Thanks to its superior technical qualities, extremely easy laying and ease of maintenance, our Mustang Technical Porcelain series is the ideal choice.

Four colours – White C2140 295mm x 590mm, C2141 590mm 590mm, C2142 600mm x 1200mm  Sand C2137 295mm x 590mm, C2138 590mm x 590mm, C2139 600mm x 12oomm Grey C2134 295mm x 590mm, C2135 590mm x 590mm, C2136 6oomm x 1200mm, Black C2131 295mm x 590mm, C2132 590mm x 590mm, C2133 600mm x 12oomm


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