Turn your hallway into a showstopper with beautiful tiles.

Hallways are often a room that get completely forgotten about, they are a space for coats, muddy boots and the occasional bike! But this is the space that welcomes you, your family and your guests into your home and should be a showstopper. Now, obviously we’re not suggesting you go and hang a crystal chandelier and paint the walls gold, but in this post we’re going to show you how the use of beautiful tiles can transform your hallway.

Patterned v’s Neutral.

Now much of this decision will depend on your own taste, however, another key decider should be the durability and maintenance of the tile, some tiles such as natural stone will need to be resealed periodically for example. If this is not up your street then ceramic tiles can make an easy clean alternative, talk to an expert to discuss the best option for you.

Patterned tiles are a great way to make a statement, and because you don’t spend a huge amount of time in your hallway you can afford to be bold without the worry of the space feeling small or overbearing. However, there is a balance to be made between pattern and colour, for example the picture below shows a beautiful design made using just two colours, the Victorian style design is classic and elegant and the tile used is durable and hard wearing.




The other way to add pattern to your hallway is to use a patterned tile (rather than creating the pattern with the tile.) With patterned tiles you can be really bold, using a geometric design, for example, can give a sense of space if your hallway is particularly small, or give your hall an uber modern feel. We love the bold design of the tile in the picture below and how it makes this hallway look longer.




Neutral tiles are a classic way to give your hallway a bit of grandeur, using large square tiles can give the feeling of extra space. Sandstone and flagstone floors as an example, are also very hard wearing and easy to clean, the colours of these stones are also stunning and in addition to their wonderful natural texture.




Another great thing about natural tiles in the hallway is they can easily be carried on throughout the rest of the house, many people choose to have the same flooring in their hallway and their kitchen to give a real sense of continuity and flow to the home.

No matter the house, no matter the size, your hallway is a space that should be given the wow factor, a space that really sets the tone for the rest of your home. Give it the face-lift is deserves with some beautiful tiles! Take a look at our range of floor tiles here, or if you’re really not sure where to start, contact one of our tile experts to find out more about our Home Selection Service where we bring the tiles to you.


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