The Best Tiles to Use Outside

Choose the Right Tiles for an Elegant and Low-Maintenance Look

Tiles are the perfect choice for a hard wearing yard or patio. But with such a wide variety available, which is the best type for you?

Whether you are planning a new garden makeover from scratch, or have simply noticed that your existing tiles are showing those tell-tale signs that they have seen too many seasons of wear and temperature extremes, now is the time to choose some new outdoor tiles for your path, yard or patio.

There is certainly no shortage of alternatives available when it comes to materials, sizes and colours, and the sheer array of options can leave you scratching your head. Here we take a look at some of the best choices for an outdoor living space that will look amazing, yet still be safe, practical and durable enough to withstand everything that you, your family and the British weather can throw at it.


The first thought that springs to mind for an outdoor space is a traditional limestone tile. These are perfect for pathways and patios, providing a natural outdoor look. There are plenty of colour variations to choose from, giving you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and design skills, by matching the tiles with accessories and landscaping features.

From a practicality perspective, limestone is naturally slip resistant, but bear in mind that it will absorb water and stains, unless it is properly sealed.




Sticking to the natural look for the moment, slate gives a natural yet sophisticated look, and is available in a variety of hues ranging from light oranges to dark purples.

This is another surface that has natural slip-resistant qualities, meaning it is safe in wet conditions, but is even more prone to absorbing water than stone, leading to the potential for flaking and cracking in sub-zero temperatures.

It is also easily scratched, so if you decide to go with slate, it is doubly important that you properly seal your tiles every autumn.



Quarry tiles

If you are more a fan of the southern European look, then quarry tiles could be the perfect choice for you. These are thick, dense and made from natural clay, and despite evoking images of hot afternoons on the Mediterranean, they are more than capable of withstanding a British winter.

They are also a relatively inexpensive choice, making them popular with cost-conscious buyers. So, what is the catch? Well, they are probably the most prone to staining of all the options, so again, comprehensive and regular sealing is a must to keep them looking their best.




You might think this is an indoor-only option, but porcelain is an increasingly popular choice that can be used to add a sense of glamour and sophistication to your patio or poolside. Porcelain tiles are fired at an extremely high temperature of around 1,300C, which makes for unprecedented durability when it comes to dealing with changes in temperature and environmental conditions.

Porcelain tiles also benefit from a lower absorption rate than other alternatives, meaning greater resistance to staining and mildew.

Porcelain comes in a huge variety of colours, sizes and textures, so you really can create any look you like. And all at a price that is typically cheaper than natural stone. No wonder porcelain tiles are growing in popularity in homes and gardens throughout the country!


Here at The Tile Warehouse we stock a huge range of outdoor tiles, and have a team of skilled tilers ready to lay them for you. Contact us here to find out about our Home Selection Service, where we bring the tiles to you, or alternatively pop into our Maldon showroom to see our huge range of tiles.

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