M9208 30 x 45 Light Beige WallM99209 30 x 45 Dark Beige WallM9107 30 X30 DARK GREY FLOORM9106 30 X 45 DARK GREYM9105 30 X 45 LIGHT GREYM9112 30 X 30 GREY MOSAIC

M9209 dark beige 300 x 450 ceramic wall tile

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Product Description

M9209 dark beige 300 x 450 ceramic wall tile

this tile can use use in all domestic wall areas and some commercial

they is a light wall tile M9208 floor tile M9210 and mosaic M9113

they is also other colour M9105 light grey M9106 dark grey M9107 floor tile

M9112 mosaic

Additional Information


300mm x 450mm


Cream & Neutral

Tile Type

Glazed ceramic, Glazed ceramic