How to make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Following on from our last blog post ‘Transform Your Bathroom with these Tiling Tips’ we have put together this post to help you make the most of your small bathroom.

Traditionally, bathrooms are not huge rooms and with open living spaces becoming more and more popular we’ve seen a definite decrease in bathroom sizes. However, just because your bathroom is petite doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel large and luxurious!

The first way to make your bathroom feel more spacious is to use light colours. Darker colours absorb light and make rooms feel smaller and cosy and are great in big spaces or as feature walls throughout the home, however in a small bathroom can feel oppressive.


Small Bathroom White


The bathroom pictured uses natural light to illuminate the space and make this small room feel big, bright and clean.

Another way to make your bathroom feel larger than it actually is, is to use a reflective surface. Now we’re not suggesting you should mirror every wall! But using a shiny, metallic look tile will really help to bounce light around your bathroom and make it feel expensive and expansive!


Small Bathroom Reflected


We love the twinkle of these mosaic tiles in this compact bathroom, not only does the light sparkle around the room but it adds a bit of luxury to this tight space.

Our final tip for making your bathroom feel bigger is to use large tiles, large tiles will divide the walls and floors less often giving the feeling of space.


Small Bathroom large tiles


The bathroom pictured uses a large square tile which gives this room a really clean and modern feel. We also love the grey tiles against the white fixtures, it really lightens the space and draws your eye in.

No matter what the size of your bathroom, don’t overlook it as a boring space, make the most of it and be creative. Here at The Tile Warehouse we have a huge range of floor and wall tiles to suite all sizes and tastes, come and visit us at our Maldon showroom, or why not take advantage of our ‘Home Selection Service’ where we bring the tile to you! Talk to one of our tile specialists here for more information.


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