Make a Statement with Tiles

Tiles are more than just a practical way of covering your kitchen walls. They can also play a defining role in your interior décor.

Tiles are perfect for the walls and splashbacks of your kitchen, to create a hardy surface that is durable, waterproof and easy to keep clean. But they are far more than mere practicalities. While a simple white course of tiles will do a job, you can make clever use of colour to make a real statement and stamp your personality on the internal décor.

Choose your backdrop

Don’t get us wrong, white tiles are fantastic for creating a clean, fresh atmosphere in your kitchen, and make an ideal backdrop for you to inject some colour and vibrancy. But if you are really not a fan of white, you could use grey as a similar anchor.

The beauty of having a simple primary colour as a base is that it will make your brighter, bolder colours stand out even more.

Metallic statement tiles

Choose your colours

There is no wrong choice, and it is down to personal taste, but different colours create different themes. For example, pale yellows and blues are perfect to give that coastal look, while flashes of orange add a sense of fun and pizazz.

Glossy blues are very much in fashion this year, and convey a classy look, while lime is an ever-popular choice for adding contrast while retaining a degree of subtlety.

Kitchen tiles

Choose your patterns

One of the advantages of tiles is that there are so many combinations you can go for in laying them out. It is almost like having your own set of Lego. A popular choice at the moment is to insert coloured tiles at random into a white base, but you might also consider a coloured band across the width of the wall. This provides the eye with a break in the surface, so is a particularly popular choice in larger kitchens.

Another possibility is to have a feature wall in a bright colour, to contract with the surrounding white. Done well, this creates a fantastic focal point to the wall.

Patterned Tiles

Even more artistic

Of course, there are other ways to make a statement with tiles beyond injecting some extra flashes of colour. How about a mosaic pattern to add texture as well as colour to your overall design?

Some of the best designs are not restricted to the walls. If you have a tiled floor, too, you can replicate your pattern there, and create a kitchen that will wow your visitors from the moment they see it.

Grey mosaic tiles

Terrific tiles

Next time you are shopping for tiles, think about them as more than just a useful feature. They are an intrinsic component that shapes your internal décor, so take your time and let your creativity run riot. Get it right, and you will create a design that will be the envy of your family and friends, and that will look terrific for years to come. Good luck, and have fun!

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