Getting creative with grout!

Before you yawn and close the page, just bear with us!

We know grout isn’t the most exciting of topics and that, when it comes to tiling your home, grouting is the last thing on your mind. But, in this post we’re going to take a look at how you can transform your tiles with some rather snazzy grout!

Grouting that compliments your tiles.

This type of grouting tends to be the most traditional, usually beige or white, this type of grouting is designed to blend in with the tiles of your choice and essentially not be seen.




Contrasting grout.

Now this is where things start to get a bit more exciting!

Using grout as the main attraction to your tiling can look fantastic, take a look at some of our favourite examples below:




Talk about a contrast! This is actually a loo in a Jamie Oliver restaurant in London, we love the use of the yellow grouting against the pale blue tiles. It gives this space a really vintage feel, whilst the vertical tiles keep things fresh and modern.


Blue grout


We love this look, instead of using the tiles to inject colour into the room, this person has used the grouting. Not only is this a pretty unique design, but it’s a great way to add a small amount of colour, without it dominating the room.


Red grout


What about this for a contrast! Wood effect tiles, with bright red grouting might not be to everyone’s taste but you have to admire the boldness. We imagine this flooring in a modern apartment in London, what do you think? Coloured grouting on a floor can create a real feeling of luxury, and if done properly can give the sense of more space, as it leads your eyes down the length of the room.


Wacky grouting!

Those are two words you would probably never expect to see together, but honestly there are some rally wacky things that can be done with your grouting!


Gold grout


This gold finish grouting is one of our favourites, used in conjunction with these matte finish grey tiles and the gold fixtures and fittings really gives a sense of indulgence. In the right setting, we think this would look stunning.

And you thought grouting was dull!

Talk to one of our tiling experts to find out how you can spice thing up with some stunning coloured grouting to really give your tiles the wow factor!

Want to give grouting a go for yourself? Visit our shop for everything you require, or if we haven’t got it online then pop in and see us, we’ll have what you need!

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