How to Get the Right Pairing – The Art of Matching Tiles

Today, there is a bigger choice of tiles than ever. How can you make the best choice for artistic and domestic harmony?

 Once the province of the kitchen and the bathroom, tiles are rapidly becoming a more popular option all over the home, as a wider range of materials have come onto the market and home owners have become more adventurous in their home décor choices.

These days, tiles come in textured stone and even wood-effect finishes, giving a broad selection for householders to choose from when designing the décor of their walls and floors in every room of the house.

Of course, the difficulty that accompanies such a wide variety of choices is that it can be a more complicated matter to come up with a design that is visually appealing – particularly given that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

While we cannot guarantee to resolve family disagreements about what would or would not look perfect in your home, we can at least provide some general guidelines to help your tiles to harmonise, even if the family can’t! Let’s take a look.

Size matters

 The colours and styles you use will, in part, be dictated by the size of the room. If you are tiling a larger room, it is better able to cope with a bolder scheme, so you can really become adventurous. Bright colours paired with a more neutral wood effect can achieve a distinctive, but still homely, look.

Kitchen tiles

In a smaller room, go for light colours. White is an ideal base, but that does not have to mean boring, as pairing with some bright, primary colours can achieve a cheerful, vibrant feel to the room. Also consider slimmer rectangular tiles, to give a greater impression of width or height, depending on whether you lay them horizontally or vertically.

Matching colours

Creating an interesting, yet pleasing, look is all about identifying which colours complement each other, and which will clash. In general, it is better to pick colours that are close to each other in the spectrum for a seamless, flowing effect.

Monochrome is often dismissed in the home as looking too cold and industrial, but done right, that does not have to be the case. By choosing a distinctive pattern, and perhaps injecting just a few flashes of colour in pastel shades, you can create an eye-catching, modern but still homely feel.

Monochrome tiles

Wall and floor

One of the biggest dilemmas that many home owners face is how to combine floor and wall tiles. They worry that if they are different, they will clash, and if they are the same, the place will look like a municipal swimming pool.

A great balance can be achieved by opting for the same tile, but with a different finish, to add an interesting sense of depth.

Furniture and accessories

Finally, it is important to remember that the tiles do not exist in a vacuum, but are just one part of your overall décor. Think about the big picture, and how your tiles will combine with furniture, fixtures and accessories to create an overall theme.

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