How to create a beautiful feature wall with tiles.

Little can compare to walking into your own home and seeing a gorgeous feature wall on display and even more so, when you have designed and implemented that feature wall yourself. A feature wall is the perfect way to add personality and a little ‘je ne c’est quoi’ to a room that needs a bit of TLC – and tiles are an ideal way to do this.

But how do you go from drab, to fab with the aid of tiles? Take a look at our handy guide on how to create a beautiful feature wall using fantastic tiles.

Functional & Flawless 

Tiles can be used in your kitchen to create a functional and yet stylish finish that seamlessly blends the ambience of your room together. Splash-back tiles fulfil their function of keeping your kitchen clean and tidy, but they also provide a real talking-point in any kitchen. For a more sophisticated look, grey and dark blue hues are ideal – but if you’re after something a bit more funky, then primary colours and patterned tiles might be more up your street.


The Illusion of Space 

If you have a small room in your home, you don’t have to resort to knocking down walls to create more overall space. Tiles are a fool proof way to create the illusion of space within your home, whilst providing a beautiful backdrop to your living space. High-gloss large format tiles can make a space seem much roomier than it is, alternatively if you are trying to create a cosy nook, then large patterned tiles or a block colour will draw the room in and make it seem smaller than it is – perfect for a snug room.


Make a Statement 

If you are using your feature wall to make a statement in your home, then tiles are ideal. Choosing patterned tiles (geometric styles are currently very ‘vogue’), large wood-panelling and mosaic-style tiles for your design project enable you to create a gorgeous feature wall which is easy to maintain and is the ultimate conversation-starter in your home.


Remember, home design is fun and creative and using tiles to help you create your own space will allow you to cultivate something that is uniquely yours.

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